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NETIO products a.s.
NETIO products a.s.
U pily 103/3
14300 Praha
tel. +420211150111

Rail Comp s.r.o.
Rail Comp s.r.o.
Pražského 602
15200 Praha
tel. +420777867731

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Bartech s.r.o.
Velkomoravská 527/33
69501 Hodonín
tel. +420 517 543 011

Argutec, s.r.o.
Argutec, s.r.o.
Na Nivách 1339/4
70030 Ostrava-Zábřeh
tel. 608 119 009

Matrix Vision GmbH
Matrix Vision GmbH
13000 Praha
tel. +420 776 696 627

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Matrix Vision GmbH

Matrix Vision GmbH

Sumavska, 13000 Praha (Hlavní město Praha)
tel. +420 776 696 627

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For over 30 years, MATRIX VISION has been developing industrial image processing components and customized solutions. Special emphasis is devoted to the commercialization of high-quality digital and smart industrial cameras for various industrial sectors.

Our services:

  • Highest quality standards and exceptionally long availability
  • Excellent valueFree hardware and software product demos
  • Comprehensive and personal service and support during all project phases with fast response times
  • Know-how transfer with the help of individual and interactive workshops and training sessions
  • Individual customization and development

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